Growth Hormone and Female Infertility

Growth Hormone and Female Infertility

Growth hormone is a special hormone that is produced in your body. It plays a key role in cell production, tissue regeneration and stimulates new cell development in your body. Growth hormones are used in a variety of ways and are capable of treating growth disorders and fertility issues in both men and women.

Growth hormones are now used by infertility specialists to stimulate the ovarian production of follicles to develop into viable eggs thus, improving fertility rate. However, the research for usage of growth hormone as a fertility treatment is still going on in developing states.

Utilizing growth hormones in infertility treatments is considered as an effective therapy and it can also be used in combination with other infertility treatments.

Growth Hormone and Ovarian Production

The application of HGH in combination with other hormones has been proven to stimulate your ovaries for producing viable eggs. Human growth hormone works well in combination with other hormones that help in converting the androgen to estrogen in your body.

Human growth hormone, in conjunction with hormones like IGF-1 and IGF-2, works to stimulate the maturation of ovarian follicles into viable eggs. Human growth hormone also helps in dealing with apoptosis that occurs to discard the unneeded eggs during the menstrual cycle.


With IGF-1, human growth hormone stimulates the follicular growth in the ovaries. According to the research hGH treatment works well in conjunction with the follicular stimulating hormone. This eventually promotes higher levels of fertility.

Treating Female Infertility with Growth Hormone

There are many treatments available for female infertility. You can improve the fertility by making use of ovarian stimulants available. Many drugs in addition to hormones have been used to stimulate the ovaries. The use of growth hormone is gradually increased in dealing with the fertility.

According to the latest research, combination of growth hormone with certain substances like menotropin or the hormone chronic gonadotropin is an essential method of improving follicle growth in the ovaries. It is an effective therapeutic approach that has been tested for women suffering from hypogonadism. There is an increase in the success rate of fertility treatments due to the involvement of these hormones.

There is no conclusive date that can indicate that the administration of growth hormone has any benefit for women who have had unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (IVF). You need to consult your infertility specialist to discuss the chances of success by using certain growth hormones.

Infertility specialist is also planning to test the use of growth hormone in conjunction with IVF treatments to improve fertility rate and IVF success rate. This kind of fertility treatment with growth hormone is not yet evaluated by FDA and is still in experimental phase.

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