Effects of Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

Effects of Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

Women who are used to alcohol on a daily basis strongly feel the urge to drink alcohol during pregnancy. According to research study drinking alcohol while being pregnant can cause harm to the baby as it develops in your womb. Alcohol may also lead to long-term medical problems and birth defects in the newborn.

When you drink alcohol during pregnancy, the alcohol travels through your blood and can enter into the baby’s blood, tissues, and different organs. Alcohol generally breaks down faster in adults when compared to the baby in your womb. This is a clear indication that the high levels of alcohol remain in the baby than in the mothers. The increased levels of alcohol in the baby may cause lifelong damage and can affect the growth.

Effect of Alcohol during Pregnancy

There are different defects that can be recorded due to excess of alcohol intake during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the common condition seen during pregnancy due to excess intake of alcohol.

The common symptoms include:

  • Behaviour problems
  • Attention deficit
  • Heart defects
  • Changes in baby’s face shape
  • Abnormal or poor growth before and after birth
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Movement and balance problems
  • Learning problem
  • Difficulty in thinking and speech

There are many conditions that can cause lifelong problems that range from mild to severe. The common complications seen in infants due to alcohol intake include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Premature delivery
  • Stillbirth
  • Pregnancy loss

How Much Alcohol is safe in Pregnancy?

Alcohol intake during the first three months of pregnancy is considered harmful for the baby. However drinking alcohol at any time during the pregnancy can be harmful to the developing fetus. There is no known safe amount of alcohol intake during pregnancy. Thus, it is better to completely avoid alcohol during pregnancy.

Drinking frequency is very important during pregnancy. Thus it is said that how much you drink is equally important as how often you drink alcohol. In few cases, people think that drinking once is fine during pregnancy but you need to understand drinking a large amount at once can also harm the baby badly.

Binge drinking greatly increases the risk of long-term complications in the baby. Drinking moderate amounts can also lead to miscarriage. Heavy drinkers are generally at risk of giving birth to a child with fetal alcohol syndrome. If you are unable to control your drinking, you can try the non-alcoholic versions of beverages.

Alcohol and Fertility

Drinking too much of alcohol can also hamper your fertility and thus it is important for you to avoid drinking to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Excess of alcohol intake affects both men and women and can hamper the sperm and egg quality.

Couples planning for an IVF treatment need to be more careful regarding the alcohol intake as it can affect the treatment. According to the research studies, four alcoholic drinks a week can bring down the IVF live birth rate by 16%.

Your infertility specialists will generally recommend to completely avoid the alcohol intake during the treatment. If you are a heavy drinker and planning for an IVF treatment, you must consult the infertility specialist for treatment.

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If you are experiencing any fertility issues due to excess alcohol intake, you must consult the fertility center for treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment can help in increasing the IVF success rate.

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